It’s when…

It’s when you’re having a bad day that you miss him the most. Time to bury myself in work. When your personal life begins to interfere with your work, I guess it’s time to snap out of it.


Half Of Me

The transition from being part of a couple to a singular being. Again.


He likes the custard tart filling. I love the pastry more. Perfect. He scoops out the filling, devouring it in a single spoon and passes the now hollow tart to me which I quickly pop into my mouth.

5 Months Later

I look at the box of a dozen custard tarts now sitting on my kitchen counter. Who’s going to finish this up? There’s only one of me. I carefully take 6 tarts out, scoop out the filling and throw it in the bin. There, just how like it.

It’s only been five months but he’s still everywhere in this flat. Why would I need six pillows on my bed? They take up a lot of space. I remove 3, dust it off and place them in the vacuum storage bags. Off you go to the top of the cupboard. There, now I have more space in bed for myself.

The wardrobe, hmm… definitely need more closet space for my new spring/summer haul. I take my shopping out of the paper bags and hang them up in the new found empty space in the wardrobe. Brand new and perfect.

A glass of wine. I need a glass of wine.

And it isn’t long before I get distracted by the many labels in the fridge indicating that some of the products are nearly expiring. Pulling out a large black trash bag, I begin emptying out the fridge. There, cooking for one. I won’t need all this stuff anyway.

And just like that, I slowly began cleansing my other half, replacing it with shiny new things.

I feel whole again.

Strangely liberating.

So this is what it feels like.