I’ve always considered myself the strong, independent type… the no-nonsense-get-in-the-guy’s-face-if-he-crosses-the-line kinda girl. I think because of this demeanor I’ve been pretty fearless when it comes to guys who I have deemed ‘aggressive’ and I’ve always been able to hold my own when they say inappropriate things or manhandle me, like the time I punched a guy when he grabbed my ass one too many times.

What I didn’t realise though is that those kinds of boys don’t really mean any harm. Idiocy and alcohol were key factors in their inappropriate behaviour.

I never thought to bring this up because I’m still shaken by it when I think about what could have happened, but I suppose I feel the need to write things out for closure.

Last fall, a guy I had been on a few dates with insisted on picking me up from the airport. He had been a perfect gentleman for the most part save for a few unsavoury, tasteless jokes about women that I had brushed off but he hadn’t done anything that raised any immediate red flags. I thought it was sweet that he had wanted to pick me up but now that I think about it, it was strange how he had continued to insist despite my telling him he didn’t have to.

When he picked me up, he gave me a hug, grabbed my suitcase and we made our way back to the city. Halfway through the ride, I realised that he was going in the opposite direction from my neighbourhood.

‘I just need to swing by home for a minute,’ he said.

‘Actually, would you be able to drop me off? I’m really tired from the flight and I’d like to go to my place,’ I told him.

‘It won’t be too long, I promise,’ he insisted.

After a few minutes of my insisting that he just take me home, he pulled the car over in the middle of a deserted street and jumped on me, pressing his lips against mine while I struggled to push him away. I screamed at him to get off and kept pushing and pushing until he moved away in sheer frustrating. He then called me a tease and asked what was the point in him picking me up if he wasn’t going to get any.

I jumped out of the car and demanded that I get my suitcase back.

‘Fine,’ he sneered, grabbing my suitcase from the back and sped off.

Twenty minutes later, I was able to flag a cab down and silently made my way back home. I threw away the blouse he had torn, the skirt that was pretty much unwearable and stayed under the hot shower for an hour trying to wash away his presence.

When a guy decides to become truly aggressive, there isn’t a whole lot that a girl can do. If I hadn’t fought back as I had or if he had chosen to disregard the fact that I had been fighting back and had forced himself on me, I don’t think there is much I could have done.

Stay safe ladies. I know there are good people in the world but there are some horrible excuses for human beings around too.


Theres a Guy for Everyone

I’ve been with hot guys, suave guys, nerdy guys, gangsters and etc. I obviously have my preferences, but no matter how weird the dude, there’s a girl out there for him.

I’ve never been the kind of girl to have a “type.” I’m an equal opportunity lover, but I’m personally not a fan of the classically handsome, manly man. I know they’re objectively good looking but I personally don’t find them attractive. One example of this phenomenon is Matt Bomer.

I mean, he is one foiine specimen. I can attest to that… but to be honest, I’d prefer Paul Rudd’s goofy face to this manly man.

I posted the above youtube clip on my facebook the other day because I thought it was adorable. I was shocked to find out that most of my friends didn’t share my sentiment. Half of the girls didn’t really “get it.” If a boyfriend of mine were to write me that poem, i’d be putty… Honestly, I’d probably start crying. Kumar expressed his love in his own unique and nerdy way. I’m no mathematician, but the nerd in me was thrilled–I loved all the math analogies. How could you NOT like the clip? I guess I like nerdy guys.

Do you have an unconventional “type”?