How to know you’ve been living in a single girl apartment too long

So I’m seeing this guy right now and pretty much for the last several weeks, I’ve been staying at his place or he at mine (more so my place lately, since I work earlier and I hate having to do the subway of shame at 6am.)

However, we’ve only been seeing each other for… 2 months now? And while it was nice in the beginning to have someone to chill/cuddle with at night, I’m starting to feel a bit claustrophobic and all my single-girl tendencies are coming out.

Having lived the life of a single girl for the most part of 3 years, certain habits and tendencies are more than likely to have developed. A few quick examples:

  • I am proud of and high maintenance about my hygiene, so I expect him to be too (brushing teeth, washing your face at night, etc)
  • If you’re going to sit on my bed, don’t be fucking filthy and put your socks on the bed. Actually, just shower before you get in my bed. Thanks.
  • Respect my shit, I’m not your bro, don’t treat my place like your boy’s basement mancave.
  • I don’t always want to cuddle or have sex. Yeah, you heard me. I’ve been single for a long time, that means I need my space. Don’t suffocate me or expect me to invite you over for sleepovers every night.
  • I have friends, and plans to go with them! So don’t expect me to go into full gf mode and devote all my free time to you.

Wow. It’s funny how your priorities change when you get into a relationship.


Single Girl Apartment

carrie-interior-02-1024Carrie Bradshaw’s Single Girl Apartment

I was inspired to start this blog when a newly married girlfriend of mine mentioned that she was packing up her things and relinquishing the keys to her “single girl apartment” which got me thinking about MY single girl apartment. How over the past 5-6 years, over a handful of countries and a whole slew of apartments, I’ve lived this amazingly colourful life and have experienced so many things but at the end of the day, have always come back to a tiny little nook in the city that I call my own.

The Single Girl Apartment is a key element in the life of any single girl; one part safe haven where you store all the trinkets and tidbits (and shoes!) that have brought you to exactly where you are, but to a certain extent, a place that is also ephemeral in that once life takes its course and changes occur, it will remain in your archive of memories, stories to be told about your ‘good ol’ single days’.

So here is Single Girl Apartment: the blog. A collaborative place for my single girls and not-so-single girls all around the world to share their stories from the bedroom and boardroom as we carve out a place in the world but always have a place to come home to.